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Meant To Be

Gregg and Jill’s love story seems like one straight from the movies. We were so excited to bring it all to life with an original song when Gregg came to us looking for a unique and meaningful gift for his wife. Listen to their song and read their story to experience the magic of their inspiring relationship yourself.

“My wife was my youngest daughter’s second grade teacher. I was divorced at the time. When I met her at open house, I thought, ‘Wow, she’s cute,’ and then during her speech she revealed she was a single mother of two girls. I also had two girls, I thought, ‘Wow cute and single.’ I gave up on the idea real quick though because she is way too attractive for me and I’m very shy. Of course, I had to open my big mouth about her at work, so all my friends were on me to pursue her, but here again I’m shy.
Almost the whole semester went by, and I got a phone call from my daughter saying her teacher is moving into our neighbor’s house directly behind us. Of course, again, I had to tell everyone at work about the development, and of course, again, I got all kinds of advice as to how to pursue a relationship with my new neighbor. When she did move in about a month later, I was the nice quiet neighbor.
Songfinch Image Meant To Be Happy Couple Love SongOne day, we had a chat over the fence and talked about how much of a coincidence it was that she had my daughter in her class. She asked what I did for a living, and I told her that I was an electrician. She told me she was having trouble with her air conditioning, and asked if I could look at it. I said sure, hoping it was something easy because air conditioning was not my thing. Of course, it wasn’t easy, so I told her who she could call, and that was that. Then a couple of weeks went by and I came home to a message on my machine. It was her asking if she could hire me to do some electrical work in her house. She had about eight things she wanted done, so it was going to take several days to complete the work. The whole time while I worked in the house, she followed me wherever I went and kept chatting with me.
It was Christmas time and during one of our conversations she said she needed to get a Christmas tree, but had no way of getting it home. Of course, I offered to help her get one since I had a pickup truck. We went to the local Christmas tree stand and proceeded to look though about 100 trees. She wanted my advice on which one to get, so the next thing I knew the salesman came up to us and asked me what kind of tree my wife was looking for. We both looked at each other and smiled, and I said with a little giggle she’s not my wife, she’s just my friend. We picked a tree and took it home where I proceeded to set the tree up, which later I found out she really enjoyed because I needed for it to be perfectly straight, which she liked.
After I finished the electrical work we sat down discuss payment, I told her she should pay me for the material but instead of paying me for the labor she should let me take her out for dinner somewhere. She hesitantly said we could only see each at home, because she didn’t want anybody to know she was dating a student’s father. So, that weekend we had our first date at her house rolling peanut butter balls for the Christmas cookies she was making.
We had many home dates after that. For a long time, we had to jump our neighbor’s fence until I cut a hole in hers about a year later. Many of our dates consisted of reading questions to each other out of a book titled something like Many Interesting Questions. It worked great, we had a lot of fun and we got to know each other very well. After a few months, we started staying over each other’s houses until we decided that we should try living together in her house and see if we and all the girls could live together. It worked out great. After about three years, I asked her to marry me, she said yes, and a year later we wed in 2008.”

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  • Jill Taylor

    Thank you for using our story. You guys did a great job! He did make me cry!
    Gregg knew I would like it because we are a very musical family and music is a big part of my life.
    A very unique idea. I wish you luck.

    February 3, 2017 at 6:48 pm Reply

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