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Pictures In My Heart

After first meeting just over three years ago, Keith and Terri have crafted a life together full of laughter and love like they imagined possible. When Keith came to us at Songfinch to create an original song as a unique gift for his wife, we could just feel his deep love for Terri in his words and were so excited to share their story through music. Listen to their custom song and hear Keith’s words come to life.

“We first started talking on Christian Mingle and eventually decided to meet at a local steakhouse. When I first walked in and saw her sitting there, she was so beautiful, and I realized what ‘love at first sight’ really means. We spent our date engaged in great conversation and tons of laughter. It was like we had known each other for years. We sat there for quite a while almost forgetting to eat our dinner because we were so focused on each other. When we were leaving, I asked her to walk with me to my truck, telling her that I had something for her. When we were walking, she reached for my hand and started holding it. When we got to my truck, I reached inside and pulled out a dozen yellow roses for her. She was so surprised I got her roses on our first date. I walked her over to her car gave her a hug and said ‘see you later.’
The next day, she texted me and asked if I would like to meet up at a local coffee shop. I jumped at the chance to see her again! Again, another date with nothing but great conversation and laughter. We made plans to meet later that night so she could take me to a big mall that I had never been to. When we said goodbye, she reached up and gave me a kiss. It was just a quick kiss, but it melted me.
We met up and headed to the mall, which was about an hour away. I don’t think there was a moment of silence during the whole drive. It was snowing by the time we reached the mall, so I told her to stop at the entrance. She got out and I parked the van. We walked around the mall for quite some time just talking and carrying on like two teenaged kids. Then it happened: she told me that she needed to sit down because the boots she had on were rubbing her heal raw. She looked so beautiful sitting there, trying to fix her boot, and I just couldn’t help myself. I had to take a picture! It has now become known as ‘the dreaded boot picture.’ She hates it. We did take a really nice picture of us sitting there, too, which was our very first picture together and probably to this day still our favorite. After that night, we were stuck to each other’s side spending all the time together that we could.
In the following spring, I asked her to marry me. I put her diamond ring inside a rose and said, ‘If you look deep inside this rose, you will see just how much I love you.’ She saw it right away and took it out, and I placed it on her finger. A few months later, we flew out to Las Vegas and got married. It was the best decision that I have ever made in my life.
I love my wife with all my heart and soul. She’s just amazing. After we were married, she moved into my house in the country, though she’s been living in the city for most of her life. Well, I was coming home from work one afternoon and there she was, Miss City Slicker out there mowing our three-acre lot. It was just so funny how she waved to me and to see her on the riding lawn mower. From that day on, I lost the job of mowing the grass. She fit right in to country life with me. Gosh I love this lady so much.
She is not only my wife, she is my best friend and true soulmate. She is my world. She has been there with me through some tough times that I have went through and never wavered one bit. She is definitely my rock. I love her with all my heart and soul and would do anything to ensure her happiness and well-being.
She has a very bubbly personality. When you first meet her, you can’t help but like her. She likes to tell jokes and some of them are kind of corny but you can’t help but laugh. She has a very deep-rooted belief in her religion and passes that on to anyone who wants her help. She is very kind, giving and helpful. She has taught me a lot about God and brought me back to God. She is the most amazing wife that I could ever have hoped for. She is for sure an angel from the heavens above.
We like taking walks, gardening, doing yardwork, spending time with family, spending time with our grandkids, hanging out by the bonfire, travelling, but most of all just spending time together no matter what we are doing is the most important thing to us.
I have never given my whole heart to anyone before, but she has all of my heart. I want to give her a song for being an amazing wife that makes her feel loved and appreciated. She is my dream come true. I can’t wait to see what our future has in store for us.”

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