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We Love Her More Than She’ll Ever Know

To celebrate her mom’s wonderful life, Jenna and each of her siblings wrote some memories in their own words about their mom, who is a loving daughter, wife, mother of four and grandma of three. They gave her a personalized song based on these shared stories as a memorable gift to make her feel loved and special.

[Jeremy, age 37] Our mom is always there through the good, the bad and the ugly. I think at one point or another she has been there to assist all of us in the recovery of a rough night. She loves to have all of us together for fun times … even if it includes a million pictures.
She means the world to not only me, but to all her kids and grandkids. She will always greet you with a smile. She is light-hearted and likes to have a good time. She is always looking out for us no matter the situation or the distance between us.
She makes you feel important, loved, and is always boosting your mood. She’s loving, kind, patient, light-hearted, outgoing — a true “mom.” She enjoys laughing, playing games, watching her grandkids’ activities and watching sporting events.
Personalized Song Unique Gift For Mom
[Jessalynn, age 32] Apparently, when I was little, I would stomp my feet and cry when she left the house. I would continue to do this until she returned. I still hear about this, especially when my own child does the same!
Every Christmas Eve, we would go to Viroqua (where our Dad’s dad lives). Magically, all of the Santa gifts would be under the tree when we would get home the next day. She coincidently always “forgot” something when we were pulling out of the driveway. It always seemed so magical that if we weren’t home, the gifts still made it to our house. She did a lot to make moments like this very special.
She is an amazing grandmother. Even with all three of her grandkids living hours away, she makes it a point to make them feel loved and special every time she sees them. She prefers “grandma does it” whenever she needs or wants help with something when she is visiting or we are visiting her.
She means everything to me! She is the most selfless and caring person you will ever meet. She is always putting the needs and wants of everyone else before her own. There isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for her children/grandchildren.
She makes me feel loved, special, missed, important, like a good mom. I could go on, she’s always informing me about how I am a good person and boosting my self-esteem. Living three hours apart, she rarely misses important things, she will go out of her way to make accommodations and show her love and support for her family.
No matter how long it’s been since we have seen each other, we always pick up right where we left off. As a family, our days are usually centered around games, sports and/or meal time. She always makes it a point to invite the extended family over so we can all hang out. She truly believes the more the merrier. We enjoy taking walks to the local root beer stand (Rudy’s, where Jenna worked in high school), baking homemade goodies, shopping, playing games, going out to dinner at the local Mexican restaurant, attempting to get the whole family together for a group picture, watching the Packers and Badgers, and planning our next family gathering — she doesn’t like goodbyes unless she knows when she will see us again.
Personalized Song Unique Gift For Mom By Songfinch [Jenna, age 25] Mom was always helping me prepare for my sporting events (volleyball and basketball). In high school, she’d do her nightly walks in the halls putting up signs she made on her Cricut on the entire team’s lockers. She was truly my #1 fan … even after I chased her down the streets when I was little not letting her leave the house!
She always let us eat cake for breakfast. She now has a sign in her kitchen that actually says, “eat cake for breakfast.” Now when I go home I always steal a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart from the cupboard because I know she always has a stash.
She means the world to me. She is definitely my biggest supporter no matter what adventure I plan on going on next. She’s always excited for me and trusts me.

She makes me feel loved, cared for, supported — no matter what I choose to do in life, she’s always encouraging me and is always hopeful I will figure it out and make the right decisions. She’s quiet, caring, warm-hearted. A Coupon Queen. She feels like no matter if she needs something or not she has to use a coupon … and she loves to shop. She has a Ziploc bag for everything and is always prepared.
Today, 2-4 hours puts distance between us all from across Wisconsin to Chicago, but when we get together we love playing lawn games, Mexican train dominos, eating (there’s always plenty of sweets/chocolate involved, with Poptarts and cake for breakfast encouraged), and watching the Wisconsin Badgers (football and basketball) and Green Bay Packers.
Personalized Song Unique Gift For Mom
[Jay, age 22] She always loved to have me tag along with her wherever she was going (especially work) because it was such a fun place to be, and one of the funniest memories we have together was when we went to a trade show in Atlanta for her work (she works at a company that makes huge fiberglass animals and trademarks). We had a free day during the week and she was going to take me to a museum or zoo (something boring), but on our walk there I saw a guy selling Atlanta Hawks tickets. I really wanted to go, especially when the guy was saying I’ll see Shaq play from within 50 feet! We ditched her zoo trip just to end up in nosebleed standing seats and Shaq was out with an injury that whole week! So that’s always been a joke between us. She truly just wants to see her children happy.
She makes me feel like no matter what I do or what’s going on she always loves me. She likes to have a plan. Definitely a nervous nelly with the biggest heart of anyone I know. She means more to me than she’ll ever know.

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  • Gwen Markakus

    This artist is so good. My mom would love a song for her birthday coming up in November and country is her favorite genre. I have to get her a song now. How amazing.

    September 15, 2017 at 4:00 pm Reply

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