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Songfinch Personalized Gift From Group

How To Give A Personalized Gift From A Group

Having too many cooks in the kitchen rarely results in a great dish, especially when that dish is actually a gift for someone special in all the chefs’ lives.
Giving a gift collaboratively is a good idea in theory, but can be hard to execute with so many different opinions influencing the final purchase. From deciding how much to throw down individually to coordinating a time to go out and shop together, you come to realize that it’s easier to play a solo Santa rather than a team of elves.
Giving a “gift from us” doesn’t have to be all strife and struggle — in fact, there are fun and easy ways to give something amazing to which you each contribute equally.

All From One, One From All

As Gifting Resource Center explains, group gifting is a great way to go when you’re shopping for that person who’s either way too picky or already has everything they want.
“Group gifting takes the focus away from one particular person and can be a better option when it comes to budgeting for some of the ‘gifters’,” explains Gifting Resource Center.
Traditionally appropriate times to give a group gift include shopping for a teacher, a boss, a colleague, or a bride and groom; however, siblings can come together for a gift to their parents, friends can pitch in to surprise their bestie on their birthday, and really any number of occasions.
You know what they say, “the more the merrier!”
Songfinch Group Of Girls Giving Personalized Gift

Gifts From The Group

Wedding registries abound with ideas for group gift items, including everything from weekend getaways to sterling silver flatware, neither of which the couple will likely purchase themselves any time soon.
According to a survey by wedding experts The Knot, the favorite wedding gifts of married couples were pricier items paid for by a group of folks who all pitched in together. After planning a wedding that was probably pretty pricey, they wouldn’t likely be able to afford something like a fancy $500 espresso machine or a whole 25-piece knife.
“If the couple has registered for an item that’s out of range for just one person to afford, ask some other guests to chip in with you. It’s also a great idea for the bridal party to band together and buy the couple the item of their dreams,” said The Knot.
As The Knot says, group gifting is all about giving your special someone the “item of their dreams.” It’s more than simply pooling money together to buy your friend a big-ticket item they couldn’t afford alone. It’s banding together, pooling your feelings and not just your dollars, to gift something meaningful that will make a difference.
Songfinch Group Of Girls Creating Personalized Gift Experience

Get Together & Create Something Beautiful

At Songfinch, we transform your favorite memories, feelings and experiences into original songs that tell your special story — the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries and any time you might want to give a fun gift as a group.

The process was so easy. I shared a Google Doc with my siblings containing some questions, as we do not live close to one another, and we all were able to reminisce and reflect on how lucky we are to have the mother we do. The song brought her to tears!” — Jenna S.

With a price tag of $200, a personalized song makes for a great group gift that is beyond affordable when split among a few different people, especially considering the emotional impact of a unique gift like this.
For the gift-givers, coming together to share your favorite stories is just as rewarding of an experience as the joy the recipient feels. Giving Songfinch is just as fun as getting one.
To surprise his wife, Jeremy sat down with their two kids and relived some of their best memories with their mom. Going to the beach in the summer, watching the sunset, eating ice cream and singing around a bonfire were some of their favorite. Together, Jeremy and the kids shared these special moments and resulted in a sweet story all about their mom, which Songfinch then transformed into a personalized song made from scratch written just for her.
Bonding time for the kids and dad, plus an amazing gift for mom!

What makes life so amazing is not exactly what you do, but who you share it with and the memories you make together. Breathe new life into those memories by creating a song with your loved ones and experience your special story like you’ve never heard before.
Get together, share with us all your favorite memories and in 7 days we’ll transform them into a one-of-a-kind song you’ll all cherish forever. Not only will the final product far exceed your expectations, it’s an activity that is as much fun to create as it is to give as a one-of-a-kind group gift.

Songfinch Start Your Personalized Song

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