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Choosing Between A Band Or A DJ For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is stressful. So many questions you need to answer. What flowers do I get? Do I even get flowers? What about the silverware? We know how difficult making a decision for this big day is. That is why we are going to help you with a big one. Band or DJ?
Once the emotional ceremony is complete and the “I do’s” have been exchanged, the pressure’s on the reception to keep everyone’s energy up. The music you choose can either pump up the party or bore everyone to sleep, and the decision to hire either a DJ or a band is pivotal in that balance.
Here are a few things to consider when deciding what to do about your wedding music.

What vibe do you want at your party?

The type of music you have at your wedding really helps set the atmosphere. A traditional wedding band that performs the classics can be more chill and low-key. Live bands provide the perfect mix of fun with a few breaks of calmness in between sets. However, if you want to be constantly on the dance floor rocking out then a DJ could be the better option.They can play virtually anything under the sun, for all night, so you can party to your preferred wedding playlist.
According to PopSugar playing music that the guests don’t know, don’t like or is too loud can really kill the vibe, so keep that in mind while deciding band or DJ.

Do you have a theme?

From a Hawaiian Luau to a folk garden party, your wedding may have a theme that suits your personality perfectly. Hiring a band that fits that theme can really help make your wedding pop!
“I went to a Beatles themed wedding,” said Roni K., 27, of Florida. “They had a Beatles imitation band that even dressed up as the band with wigs and accents. It was probably the most memorable wedding I’ve attended.”
A live band certainly won’t make or break your themed wedding, but it definitely adds to the authenticity. Nevertheless, a DJ can still perform a playlist of songs to pair with it too. It’s up to you if a guy playing Beatles songs is just as good as four long-haired Englishmen performing like the real Fab Four.

How big is the venue?

Despite what your groom may say, size does matter.
The size of your venue may contribute to your decision between a DJ or a live band. Typically, a band will take up more space than a DJ. If you are booking a venue with a ton of room, then you have nothing to worry about in that department. Bring in the full mariachi band, tubas and all.
If your reception is in a smaller, intimate space, with limited room for a stage equipment, then a DJ may be better suited for your big day. Unless they’re set up like Daft Punk, your DJ probably won’t require a ton of space. Even though DJs take up less space, they can still deliver a big presence.
“I went to a wedding that had a really awesome DJ,” said Hannah K., 20, of Chicago. “He had some really good Michael Jackson moves that got more people on the dance floor, really adding to the wedding.”

What are you willing to spend?

Weddings can be one of the most expensive events you pay for in your whole life. If you’re on a tight budget, the price difference between a wedding band and a DJ may influence your decision on the music for the big day.
A band is usually more expensive than a DJ, especially if it is a themed band that plays a certain type of music or that goes all out with full dress-up gear. Some DJs could be the same price as a band, but most of the time a DJ is the cheaper way to go.
According to The Knot, the average cost of a DJ in 2014 was $1,124 and a band was $3,587. Remember these prices can go up or down, but keep in mind that the quality generally changes with the price.

What type of music are you playing?

Now this could be the kicker right here. If you want a huge variety of different music sometimes a band can’t deliver — there are only so many songs one bassist can remember! A DJ can play whatever you want, including songs in different languages.
“I had a band and a DJ at my wedding,” said Dani D., 23, of Chicago about her wedding. “I wanted a band in the beginning, but then I wanted my Persian family music to be played and a DJ could do that. I was really happy with my decision.”
Dani was about to get everything she wanted. She took into account that she wanted music in different languages and styles. Not everyone can get a band and a DJ, but people who need songs in more than one language either need a DJ or a talented band. She recommends talking to others to see if they had a DJ they really liked to make the day just that bit more special.
“Music is what makes the wedding” Ramesh Soleymani, owner of Couture Event Planning, “When choosing a band or DJ, you have to do your research because there are so many different choices and it has to be the right one for your event.”
Ramesh has done many events and says “it is a personal choice.” It depends what the bride and groom personally want for their wedding. Every person is different and one might want more of a party while the other wants a more traditional wedding. You have to know what type of wedding you want and then look into what music fits with that.
Regardless if you decide on a band or a DJ, your wedding is going to be magical. Add a dash of something special to your wedding music by getting a personalized song made just for your big day that either a DJ or a live band can perform to bring your love story to life.


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