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How To Gift A Time Capsule

For any gifting occasion, from Mother’s Day to just because, you want to give a present that is truly meaningful, memorable and stands the test of time. Like a fine wine, memories get better with time, so consider storing your most treasured of mementos in a time capsule.
Time capsules can range from cardboard shoe boxes hidden in the closet to metal lock boxes buried in the backyard. They make for a thoughtful way to show someone special how much you appreciate your shared past as well as your future together. The best time capsules include a certain degree of shock and awe, as well as discovery and nostalgia. The more thought you put into this gift, the more amazing the results.

Your Memories

Just like depositing money in the bank, the value of your memories appreciate with time.  Stuff your time capsule with items that evoke nostalgia like photos or personalized mementos. For example, if you’re gifting for Mom, you might choose to stash your baby shoes, classic pictures, home videos, childhood art projects or voice recordings.
Here are a few other timeless treasures you could put in your time capsule to make it unique and customized to your relationship.

  • Handwritten note or love letter: Express your feelings for your special someone by writing a customized message. They know your handwriting, so when they recognize your signature scrawl from months or years prior, your message will be doubly as powerful.  
  • Personalized song: Get an original song written just for them based on the unique stories you tell us about them. Download it onto a flash drive to include in the package and they’ll be overjoyed the first time they hear it.
  • Photography album/collage: Collect a few photos of you together and organize them in a way that stands out. Flipping through your shared experiences that are unique to your relationship will remind them of how special your bond truly is.

    Bury Your Treasure

    The contents of your time capsule are as priceless as the rarest gems, so be sure to store them in a vessel worthy of its cargo. A cheap shoebox will get soggy, bug-infested and damaged, especially if buried underground. Choose an airtight, weatherproof and waterproof container in which to store your memories. Consider including silica gel packets to protect it all by eliminating moisture. Whether you’re storing it in the house or in the yard, you want it to stand the test of time.
    If you want to  literally dig a hole in the ground, bury your time capsule and mark the spot with an ‘X,” you’ll definitely want to make sure that your container is well-suited for durability. This can be a lot of fun, especially if you are considering gifting the capsule as a part of a treasure hunt; however, you’ll want to create multiple reminders for where that buried treasure lies. Don’t just trust that you will remember it’s location when it’s time for your special someone to dig up your timeless gift.

    Break Out the Shovels

    The hardest part about gifting your time capsule is the wait, but once it’s time to reveal this super fun package, you can get really creative with the presentation.  We included a few fun ideas in case you are struggling with how to surprise your special someone.

  • Make a treasure map! Include visual landmarks, trees, buildings, sentimental locations, and of course a symbol where ‘X’ actually does mark the spot. Putting a key for distance (steps, feet, miles, etc.) at the bottom is a smart move as well.
  • Leave a series of letters with hints to the storage location in a scavenger hunt with their time capsule as the final step.
  • Hide it in your home and play “Hot or Cold” until they find it.
    Time capsules can be a fun and creative way to really demonstrate how much you care for your special someone. Tell us your favorite memories, experiences and stories with your loved one and we’ll create a one-of-a-kind song to include in the time capsule!

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