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The Creation Process Behind Your Personalized Song From An Existing Foundation

Now that you’ve made the leap to have some of life’s most important moments backed by a personalized song, you might be wondering what exactly happens next. There’s a lot that goes into transforming your selected foundation song into one that truly feels like your own.
There’s no smoke and mirrors in this magic trick — we want you to know what to expect every step of the way as we work together to craft something truly one-of-a-kind.
Songfinch Personalized Song Story Review

Your Work Is Done … Or Is It?

After you submit your story, it’s sent to our Storytelling Directors for review — experts in bringing your memories and feelings to life through music. They read through your story to ensure there is enough information to inspire your verses and look for any names or uncommon words that may be mispronounced, so we can guarantee everything in the song is exactly as you envision.
If we need more information or have any questions about details like pronunciation, we will reach out before sending your story to your songwriter to begin crafting your song’s verses. So be on the lookout for an email from your friends at Songfinch!
Songfinch Personalized Song Creation Magic

Pens & Pads

Once your songwriter receives your submission, they immerse themselves in your story along with your occasion and desired reaction helping guide their vision. They essentially become the creative vessel for your story, and once they’ve adequately absorbed all the details you submitted, they begin writing the song lyrics for your personalized verses.

Mics & Vocals

Once the lyrics are written, the songwriter lays down the vocals. Depending on the complexity of the song, this can be one pass or 10. It all depends on the amount of takes to get it perfect. Songwriters are true artists — after immersing themselves in your story, they craft a vision of that final work of art that will be your personalized song. As such, it can take many takes and tweaks for them to bring that vision to reality the way they (and you) want.

Mixing & Adjusting

In any art, the first draft is rarely the final version. When the whole song is recorded, the artist sits down to mix the song. Making sure the levels and mix of the new verses are similar to the chorus is key to making sure that your foundation song sounds like a truly personalized song. We require the artists submit a high-quality mix on all our songs so they sound like something you might hear on the radio.
Songfinch Personalized Song Special Delivery

Songwriter Delivery

After the songwriter works their magic, they send the completed song and lyrics back to Songfinch. Our Storytelling Directors will listen to it and match it up against your submission to ensure that it is true to the story, sufficient personal bits were included, and everything sounds mixed together well.
If they think any tweaks should be made, the Storytelling Directors chat through the edits with the songwriter until they feel it’s absolutely perfect.

Song Delivery Prep

Once we confirm that the song fits all the criteria, it’s time to get that bad-boy ready for delivery. We import metadata on the song and convert it to an MP3 file so it’s compatible with every device.

Story Homepage Prep

We load your personal Story Homepage with the song, header image and lyrics. We listen to the song to make sure the typed lyrics on your page match the lyrics in the song exactly (which is surprisingly rare). We don’t mind the extra couple listens though — that’s half the fun of working at a music and gifting company!

Blast Off!

Once everything’s all set, we ship a notification to your email indicating that your song is ready on your Story Homepage. From there, you can listen, read the lyrics, learn more about your songwriter, share your song and download it.
From there, the power is in your hands in how you reveal the song to maximize the desired reaction. Get as creative as you want — there sure was a lot of creativity behind the song creation process!


If you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out to at any time and we will be able to help you out.

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