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Song Creation Process: Song From Scratch

Our Song Creation Process helps you mold your song to how you envision it in your head and ensures the end result is what you’re hoping for and more. You’re able to get super detailed and specific to what you want or leave the it up to us to help guide your vision. The power is in your hands.
Below we break down each step to help you understand what we will need from you and how each step works together in creating your one-of-a-kind song.


The first step to kick off the song creation process is to purchase your song. You can learn more about our Personalized Songs From Scratch and purchase your own here.
Once you complete your purchase, you will be brought to your order confirmation page where we provide some helpful details including our Inspiration Guide and a link to start your song right away. If you’re not ready to begin your song right away, we also send you an email with a link inside to begin your song anytime you’re ready.
If you’re ready, click START YOUR SONG NOW on your confirmation page or inside the confirmation email.


We start with a madlib style step to ease into the process. You will tell us who the song is for, the occasion and how you want the giftee to feel or react when they hear their song. A few examples:

I want to give MY MOTHER a song for MOTHER’S DAY that makes HER CRY HAPPY TEARS.

I want to give MY BEST FRIEND, TIM a song for HIM BIRTHDAY that makes HIM DANCE AND SMILE.

I want to give MY HUSBAND a song for OUR WEDDING MORNING that makes HER FEEL LOVED.

Purpose: The desired reaction helps us source the right songwriter and helps them shape the vibe and feel of your song through the instrumentation and lyrics. Think about it, if you put in there that you want them to cry when they hear it, the entire song’s vibe will be different than if you put you want them to dance.

Tell Your Stories

This is the fun part. We’ve provided a bunch of tools to help make the process simple and smooth. You’re given five boxes with questions above them. Each of these questions help us get information to create a great song. However, if you want to go off script or you have specific details or stories you want included that don’t flow with the questions, feel free to put all that information in the last box labeled “Other Details, Stories, Song Requests, etc.”
You can click on the arrow to the right of each question and select a different question that may fit your occasion or information that you’d like to provide a bit better.
If you need some help getting your brain brewing, check out our Inspiration Guide. we’ve sorted it by occasion and filled it with questions you can answer, past submissions and song examples. Another thing to keep in mind, we review all this information before sending it off to an artist to ensure that it’s sufficient and we don’t need anything else from you. If we do, we’ll reach out shortly after you submit. We’ve got your back.
Pay attention to the ‘Writing tips & advice’ to get the song as close to your vision as possible.
Purpose: What you share during this step is what your songwriter uses to shape the lyrical content of your song. They will add in details from your story and create the lyrics based on your submission.

Your Song’s Mood

How do you want your song to feel? What kind of feeling do you want the lyrics to portray? These are two questions you can ask yourself before selecting your mood. Select one or two.
Purpose: Your selected moods help us select the best songwriter for your song. Some artists have a knack for writing witty, humorous songs while others are really good at romantic love songs. Once selected, your songwriter shapes the tone of the vocals, the context of the lyrics and the overall vibe of the song based on the moods you select.

Your Song’s Genre

We build our Songwriting Community based on genres that we offer. So if you select folk, you will get a real folk artist so your song comes out authentic to the sound you want – not a sound alike. Since genres can be a bit subjective, we put together a genre guide so you get a good feel of how we categorize our genres and how each of them sounds. We currently offer Songs From Scratch in Country, Singer-Songwriter, Rap / Hip-Hop, Folk, Acoustic Pop and R&B.
Purpose: The genre is the first thing we look at to determine what you want and to get the artist curation process started. From here, we narrow down your artist based on other selections but we start with genre.

Your Vocalist

This is pretty simple – do you want a male or female vocalist to sing your song? If you don’t have a preference, select “Surprise” and we would be more than happy to select the best artist for you.
Purpose: We use this to help select the right songwriter to bring your song to life. If you select surprise, we generally look at a few other selections such as how long your submission is, genre, who the song is from and who it’s for. If a wife orders a song for her husband, we generally choose a female vocalist if she selects “Surprise” to make the vocals seem more genuine and like they are coming from her.

Review & URL Selection

This page has a few purposes. First, set your unique Story Homepage’s URL. This is where your final song will live online.
Next, review all your information and selections to verify they are correct and everything you wanted to include is in there. Make sure you spell out how to pronounce any uncommon names or places and indicate any information you consider a “must have” in the song.
You’re done. It wasn’t so bad, right? Now we start working our magic. You can learn more about the steps we take from here to song delivery, here.

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