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The Rise In Popularity Of Personalized Gifts

In recent years, personalized gifts within the gifting industry have been growing significantly. As reported by, the global personalized gift market shows promising potential in the upcoming two years and has been on the rise since 2019.


Research analysts who studied this trend at MarketWatch also report similar findings. But why are people opting for personalized gifts in the first place? More specifically, what might have changed in the past few years to have warranted this change?


This article will highlight some of the major reasons why personalized gifts have become so popular in the last few years. Through these reasons, you will see that our company Songfinch has a superior market understanding when it comes to personalized gifting.


In short, you will see our commitment to creating the best-personalized songs for a variety of gifting occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and many others.


Why Are Personalized Gifts Gaining Popularity?


There are multiple reasons for personalized gifts becoming the major type of gift people now choose to give one another. Some are directly related to the concept of personalized gifting, while others are related to the technology and tools available to produce personalized gifts.


Here are the reasons why personalized gifting is speedily gaining popularity in the gifting industry.


1.     The Presence Of Mobile Commerce


Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that directly contribute to why people now prefer personalized gifts over generic ones is the emergence of mobile commerce or m-commerce. This refers to the exchange of goods and services using a mobile phone or other electronic devices that allow one to connect with one another wirelessly.


A good example of mobile commerce being put into action is that of online shopping. Almost every commercial brand of the world has an online website or portal that allows people to access their merchandise or services that can be bought with the tap of a finger.


When personalized gifting is added to these circumstances, the customers have quite enough incentive to opt for it as opposed to giving a generic gift lacking in thought and intention. Not only are personalized gifts received well, but they can also now be very easily bought while sitting on your lounge sofa while avoiding the hassle of traveling anywhere to get it.


Hence, having access to personalize gifting services online allows people to do something special for their loved ones without having to put in a lot of physical effort.


2.     Personalized Gifts Are Versatile


Another great advantage of personalized gifts is that they can be made to suit just about any kind of occasion, be it Valentine’s Day, Christmas, a birthday, or an anniversary. They can also be given to people from any age group or sex, making them a convenient yet precious choice to pick each time one has to send a gift.


Thus, personalized gifts work in many different situations for various kinds of people who wish to impress their loved ones with something they picked out or designed themselves. So if you are thinking of buying yet another stuffed animal for your nephew’s birthday, maybe you should consider something different this time around?


Personalized gifts are also very popular among older people. For example, mugs, t-shirts, and other items people use commonly can be designed to reflect an intimate message or picture that represents the relationship or bond between the giver and receiver.


3.     Establishing A Personal Connection


The name “personalized gift” denotes a certain uniqueness of the item that cannot be replicated or found elsewhere. This makes the items rare in nature, and therefore more desirable by the person who has received it. However, this is just one way of looking at why people desire personalized gifts.


Some experts suggest that personalized gifts are becoming more and more famous among people of various backgrounds because it helps build personal connections when given and/or received. Hence, it is not necessarily the uniqueness of the item, but rather the intention of creating something meaningful for a cherished one, perhaps on a special occasion.


Personalized gifts have a way of saying, “I was thinking of you” in a very powerful yet particular way. The more specificity in a gift, the more personalized it seems, but as long as a connection is struck between the giver and receiver, the objective of the personalized gift has been reached.




4.     Cost-Effective And Overall Efficiency


Besides being an easier and more convenient way to buy gifts for someone courtesy of mobile commerce, buying personalized gifts can save overall costs and energy. Online shopping will greatly enable this energy-saving approach owing to technological developments.


Moreover, there has been a rise in market competition within the gifting industry as new companies are catching onto the trends. This causes an overabundance of the same kind of service in a specific space; so many companies are now also offering discounts to garner a steadier and more consistent customer base.


When combined, these two reasons help see how investing in personalized gifts is a smart and appropriate choice, but it also has its fair share of challenges ahead.


5.     Personalized Gifts Are Romantic


Of all the personal connections that are built, a romantic one is arguably one of the strongest, most passionate ones to exist. That is why romance gets its own category, even in this article.


A large portion of the personalized gift market is geared towards advertising gifts for couples, partners, and significant others. The idea is that these gifts symbolize the promise of love, partnership and commitment between people, and thus have a much greater value to those that invest in them.


This quality of value, having moved beyond the physical cost to something greater but more abstract in essence, is particularly unique to personalized gifts. They soon become incredibly special, even if they are as simple and menial as a keychain or a napkin.


Hence, giving personalized gifts is perfect for those of you who struggle with expressing your devotion and love for your partner vocally. It is even more powerful if you are great with words; for this time, it is your actions that will speak instead.




Gift-giving has been around for as long as human beings have existed and cared for each other in any capacity. It is a language that is used to communicate with one another without having to rely on a common tongue, and has been successfully used to exchange well wishes, earnest feelings or even at random to show your loved one they matter.


With personalized gifts, each one will be unique, so you will never be giving anyone the same gift twice. That is the beauty of personalized gifting, special, and just for you. So this time around, don’t buy flowers or perfumes and chocolates. Consider buying a personalized present for your loved one and see the magic unfold yourself.


Check out and make yourself a personalized song for any and every occasion!



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