Our Favorite Mother-Son Dance Songs For Weddings
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Our Favorite Mother-Son Dance Songs For Weddings

We love weddings. They’re the most exciting day of a couple’s life. There is the lovely ceremony with all its emotions when the couple says their vows and the party that is the reception. However, there are lots of things to consider before it comes to this point in your wedding. One of those is choosing the best songs for your wedding – from the first dance song to the reception anthems, your wedding’s soundtrack is important.


We’ve decided to talk about one of the most special moments at a wedding: The Mother-Son Dance. This moment is a tear-jerker most of the time, as the songs are usually ones with sentimental lyrics. The groom usually has a say in choosing the song for this moment, but we’ve created quite a few songs for mothers that have been given the task of finding the perfect song.


h3>The Importance of The Mother-Son Dance


As the groom, the bond and love that you share with your mother is not one that should be taken lightly. As such, she should also be celebrated at your wedding. Your mom here could mean your biological mom, step-mom, adoptive mom, grandma, or mother-like figure. This is a woman who loved you first and has been there for you through the years. There is no better way to celebrate and embrace the love that you share, like during the mother-son dance at your wedding.



When Does the Mother-Son Dance Happen?


The specifics are up to you, but they most often happen during the reception. You’ll also have to work with your planner, coordinator, wedding band, or DJ. You first have to decide how many dances you’re having at your wedding and how they’ll happen.


Dances like the First Dance and the Father-Daughter dance are also important and should make it to your list. Just remember to make adequate announcements about which dances are happening so that your guests do not get confused. You can also use them to break up the night, in which case you should spread them out over the night.



Choosing the Right Song for Your Mother-Son Dance


Now that you know it’s importance, it’s time to choose the right song for your mother-son dance. Selecting the right song can be challenging, but that’s why we’re here to help. Keep in mind that this is a moment that you will both remember for a long time, so it’s essential to choose right.


When you think of your mother-son dance, what kind of tempo do you have in mind? You can either have a fast or a slow song, as long as it represents you and your mom. Below are some of our favorite picks, which have great lyrics and are popular with couples. Your mum’s approval is also necessary, so remember to get her involved too.



Slow Mother-Son Dance Songs


These are the sentimental songs with lyrics that are sure to draw out a tear or two, so be sure to have a tissue handy for your mum (and maybe yourself). Find below our selection of slow songs.



Rod Stewart – “Forever Young”


The lyrics of this song talk about being kind, staying strong, and always remembering who you are as you grow. They’ll be lots of tears in the house if you go with this one, so be prepared. It’s a song that most moms can relate to.




Paul Todd – “The First Lady In My Life”


In this song, Paul talks about how the first lady in his life was his mom. She’s the first one you looked up to, and this is a great song to celebrate that, as you do, your mother-son dance.




Phil Collins – “You’ll Be In My Heart”


You’ll recognize this one from the Tarzan soundtrack, and the nostalgia will add to the beauty of this moment. If you and your mom loved to watch Disney all those years, she’ll love this one. Its message about a mother’s unconditional love is also a plus.




Upbeat Mother-Son Dance Songs


If a slow song that almost turns into a sob fest is not quite you and your mom’s style, then have no fear. We’ve also got you covered with some songs here. Find some great up-tempo songs for your mother-son dance below.



Stevie Wonder  – “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life”


No one can resist a Stevie Wonder song, and this particular song is lovely for this dance. Get ready to twirl as you show off your moves. You can both take a dance class prior if you want to make the moment unique and even more special.




Paul Simon – “Loves Me Like A Rock”


We have another Paul in our list, but this one sings of how his mother rocks and loves him. You’ll love the lyrics and dancing tempo of this song too.




Guns N’ Roses – “Sweet Child O’ Mine”


You’ll be reminded of good times just like the song’s lyrics say as you and mom dance to this song for your mother-son dance. It will elicit lots of smiles too.




Modern Mother-Son Dance Songs


If you’re not for the old school and want to freshen up your mother-son dance, then here are some songs for you. We’ve chosen the best modern mother-son dance songs from Twenty-One Pilots, Ciara, and Adele.



Twenty One Pilots – “House Of Gold”


This song has great lyrics with a mother asking some thoughtful questions about growing old. Be sure to get your mother familiar with it before that day if she doesn’t already know it.




Ciara – “I Got You”


This is one song where the waterworks will also show up, so be prepared. In this song, Ciara talks about a mother’s promise to always be there for her child, and we’re sure your mom will be able to relate.




Adele – “Sweetest Devotion”


A song written by Adele for her son? You know it’ll be great, and that is just what it is. This song will significantly complement your mother-son dance if you choose to go with it. You and your mom will love how even more special this song made the moment.




Your Very Own Song by Your New Favorite Artist

Having trouble finding the perfect song? Have a custom, personalized song created for your mother-son dance. Your favorite memories are unique, so your song should be as well. Surprise them when the music starts or work together on your song- it’s such a great time remembering your favorite memories together. Browse our song examples and find an artist or two that you would like to make your song and let’s get to work. Or we would be happy to pick the perfect artist based on your preferences. All you have to do is share some details and stories about together, how you feel, and any other details that you may want included in the song and within 7 days, you have your very own special song.

Get started on your personalized song now!

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