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KISS FM Radio Host Fred Gives “Work Wife” Angi An Original Song

Morning personalities on Chicago’s 103.5 KISS FM radio station, Christopher “Brotha’ Fred” Frederick and Angi Taylor have formed an inimitable work relationship that makes for great radio, so much so that Fred gave his “work wife” an original song this Valentine’s Day.

Fred and Angi met each other around seven years ago when they became co-hosts at WKSC-FM. Such a strong chemistry has since developed between the two, making them a strong duo and staple on Chicago’s Top 40 radio station, 103.5 KISS FM.
“When you talk for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, you learn a lot of little interesting tidbits about somebody else who has done a lot of stuff. We have a dysfunctional brother/sister relationship. She is the tough love, direct, irreverent, sometimes crass and NEVER wrong (just ask her) big sister in my life. Perhaps a more appropriate description is an arranged marriage ‘work wife.’ We laugh, we joke, we piss each other off, and there’s no make-up sex.”
Songfinch Image Fred And Angi Kiss FM 
“She is married and has a child and some life experience that I don’t have, so she adds a perspective that is valuable and unique to me as the ‘single bachelor type’ who doesn’t have kids or hasn’t experienced some of these things. I suppose in that way she offers that tough love perspective.”
Their conversations and antics range along a full spectrum of topics, which after seven years naturally led to a unique brother-sister dichotomy. And just like real-life brothers and sisters, Fred and Angi don’t always see eye-to-eye.
“We differ on a lot of things and in some ways we’re similar. It’s just one of those interesting combinations that seems to work really well. If we agreed on everything it wouldn’t be interesting. It makes the two person dynamic work that much better.”
“I think we have different perspectives. Sometimes we agree. Our radio shows are mostly improvisational, so there’s no scripting. I don’t know what she is going to say, she doesn’t know what I’m going to say. So it leads us down a place we don’t mean to go, but it’s sometimes the most entertaining for the people listening.”
Fred pulled his inspiration from those sorts of places as he sat down to write out the stories of his “work wife” for Songfinch, including her adoration for Cam Newton, her fear of skydiving and how she had to get drunk to fly in Fred’s plane with him as the pilot.
“I tried to recall the funny anecdotes that people would remember from over the years and that would just stick. There were recurring themes. A lot stuff is true and a lot of stuff is not true. She’s not actually a drug mule, but for whatever reason, that’s a running stupid joke among people who listen to us, that we met while drug muling. So to be able to put that in a legitimate song is just funny.”

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