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Songfinch: The Most Unique Gift Of The Holiday Season

Every year there are new hot items during the holiday season that everyone wants to get their hands on – Furbies, Tickle Me Elmo, Pie Face and Hatchimals are some that come to mind. As you get older, the “trendy” items seem less needed or desired and you want something different. Something that nobody can say, “oh cool, I got one of those too.”

Personalized Gifts Are On The Rise

The personalized gifting market is exploding seeing over $20 billion in sales and expected to reach over $31 billion by 2021 (source). Experiences and gifts with more meaning have become a lot more popular over standard physical items that anybody can buy. Not only do people want to receive personalized gifts, they want to give them too. Think about it, personalized gifts are just as fun for the giftee because there is a moment of surprise, delight and then pride in what you created. Not to mention there’s a priceless moment when you reveal your gift to that special someone.

Songfinch Isn’t Just ‘Another Personalized Gift’

With many of the gifts you buy, a template is used so the creator can churn them out by the hundreds, how do you get a truly personalized gift that feels like you made it yourself? Songfinch, of course! Here are some of the reasons we feel Songfinch is the ultimate personalized gift on the market.
Truly inspired by you. With a medium as powerful as music, it’s important that the overall sound of the song represents you and the message you are trying to convey. You get to shape and mold your song’s mood, vocal type, genre and sound to ensure that the final product feels like you. While this helps us select the perfect artist to hand-craft your song, it helps guide them to the sound you are after. It’s like you’re a music producer now.
Lyrics from your point of view. This is one of the things that separates Songfinch from most. These songs are written using your stories, feelings and memories – it doesn’t get anymore personal than that. The song may feel like you wrote it (if you were an incredible songwriter, of course), because the lyrics are fully inspired by what you give us during the song creation process. It’s like you’re a co-writer — feel that pride of being part of something so beautiful!
Range of songwriting. Since you have the power to give us whatever information you’d like, you can shape how detailed the song will be. If you’d just like a song that tells that special one you love them, we can create a more general song that will be yours forever. However, if you’d like us to include where you met, your first date and the trip to Italy last month, we can get some more specific details intertwined in the lyrics. The great thing about creating personalized songs is we can make it however you’d like. Let’s work together to make it perfect.
Creative song reveals. We provide you a greeting card with the URL to your story Homepage in the bottom and space for you to write a personalized message for easy delivery. However, we’ve heard some amazing stories from our customers on how they got creative for the song reveal. Whether it’s wrapping a bluetooth speaker and playing the song as they open it or you load it up to your Amazon Echo to play as a Christmas morning surprise – the power is in your hands to get as creative as you’d like. The best thing is with our product, no matter how you reveal it, they’re going to love it – you can’t go wrong. See some of our favorite reveal stories here!
Priceless reactions. There is just something about hearing your stories, memories and feelings put to music. We get goosebumps often at our office and the songs are not even written for us. When you play your song, you may get watery eyes or goosebumps so be ready for that. When you reveal your song to the recipient, there are almost always tears, smiles, hugs, goosebumps and/or looks of unbelief.


Get Personal This Year With Songfinch

We truly believe that we have unlocked a service and product that has not been publically available. We all love music and many can not go without it so why not use the universal language to express yourself this holiday season to give one of the best gifts you’ll ever give.

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  • Swaham Artesign LLP

    Lyrical Song is great idea. I know personalized gifts are increasing now a days as well as it has its own personal feeling while gifting. But lyrical song is something different for me. I just loved this idea. Thanks for such a nice post.

    June 15, 2018 at 9:05 am Reply

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